Happy Christmas Present

From one of my most beautiful aunts, Inday She. Thank you for the longchamp bag. ;)

Kisses!!! :-*

From France with Love: ;)


<3, Guenny

Thank You Google!

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Maraming Salamat!

It is still very early but I’ve already received tons of birthday greetings. Thank you! Thank you! From the bottom of my heart. <3 <3 <3



Will It Be The Last?

So for over 3 years, we have been celebrating (or should I use the word remembering) BLACKHEART DAY every month. I tell you, it has always been difficult and we always miss each other beyond words.

And by looking back to the very first anniversary, you can tell.

Today, I am hopeful that this will be the last. That our hearts will turn to its natural color filled with love, joy and happiness because we are together. Everyday. :)



I will share our journey of closing the distance very soon.

- guenny

Snow & Light



Main Street, Rochester, Michigan