Not Like Any Other Day For The Longest Time

Not like any other day for the longest time. Aside from having some me time today, I went SHOPPING!!! Haha! It’s been a while.

Anyway, I went to a salon for four things — foot spa, manicure, pedicure and hair treatment. It’s all about ME time! Only was able to take a photo of my left hand. ;)

Then, bought a running shoes for my healthy lifestyle starting next month. Apologies didn’t get the chance to take a photo of it. Maybe soon when I am actually wearing it. Got a Nike Air Relentless 2 Women’s Running Shoes. Will share the color in the next coming posts.

And then coffee while reading some important things to do by next month. I think November will be a busy, stressful and pretty crazy month. I will be posting updates of what I’m up to then but before then, here’s the view and my favorite coffee.

And to top it all off, relaxing at home while watching The Voice Philippines. Messy hair style, that’s what it takes to be at home.

Have a wonderful day everyone! ;)

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Shift Ronins in Mactan Island


Ken, Gabby and I. Thanks Ken for the photo! :)

The team getting ready to EAT! Thanks TL Paolo for the yummiest seafood ever! ;) 

Half of the food we had, the others didn’t have photos as we already ate them. :) Too much FOOD for a day!!!

Playing with the monopod. YES!!! (L-R: Bottom — Gabby – Jacq – I; Top — Ken, Wawa, Christian, Gershon)

Our view? Visit my previous post here. :)

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

How do you manage to keep it?

A friend reached out to me yesterday and asked,

How do you manage to keep it? Long distance relationship.

I get asked by many that same exact question for years. And most of the time, people are just curious — some believe long distance relationships will never make it, some can’t imagine themselves to be in one, some thought that it is just a game of love. And many other reasons and beliefs which I totally respect. But yesterday was the first time that someone I know dearly asked for advise because he is in one. To be honest, I really didn’t know what to answer; what to advise. I guess, there’s no such thing as perfect combination or right formula to make any relationship successful — long distance or not. It differs every experience, every situation, every person. Some would say “this is what you should do…”, “this is what the other person is thinking/doing…”, “5 things to consider when you are in a long distance relationship….”, etc. But we know better, whatever you see online or whatever people will tell you, it is never the same as theirs. Like you, there’s only one you in this universe.

Love Is You

Love Is You


Later today, Bt and I got the chance to talk about it. And we recalled how our relationship started. How it was sad to be apart, how awkward it was to talk on the phone for the first time (we didn’t even know what to say to each other. haha!), and how we got through all of the things that come our way. It is not easy, I know many would agree. :)

To my friend, I have shared some of my experiences with you related to how we did it. But remember your relationship is never like ours or theirs, it may be similar but it is never the same. Every relationship is beautiful and unique as it is designed by you and your significant other.

And here’s what Brian and I thought about how we did it together —

How you respond to your thoughts will either strengthen your relationship or destroy it.


Trust is a choice.

Trust is a choice.


Trust is always a decision.

How about you? How do you manage to keep it? ;)