I’m in one of the many Starbucks Coffee Shop in Cebu. And while I am enjoying my coffee and at the same time observing people around, I notice how people judge other people by how they look, what they wear, who they’re with, etc. I feel sad because most of us worked really hard to be the best person that we can be. We can be mean and harsh and bad but we opted not to. Not because we wanted to please other people but we wanted to be treated the same way. We have our own struggles in life, problems to solve and issues to overcome and is never easy. Our life is a work in progress. How to be a better person requires hard work. So let’s learn to respect and appreciate each other to make this world a better place.



Hello Everyone!!!

I feel bad, I was MIA for so long. The past few months were the busiest days, weeks, months of my entire life. It was crazy busy with work that I didn’t get the chance to write, post or even sleep properly. And Batou and Goku was sick simultaneously and at the same time running arte shop. Whew! I wasn’t expecting Q1 would be this tough. So many things had happened and so many adjustments to make. Life, Life, Life. Is just the way it is.

This will be a great year, hoping all my plans get accomplished as desired. ;)

I will try very hard to at least post something or anything tomorrow, next day, next week, next month, next year!!!

This is me today, the new Korean look!


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