Monday Night – PST time

Since I work US hours, let’s be in the same timezone.

Bt and I came home from work today, we were both tired. And we just wanted to have hangouts.

This is our way of relaxing, including Goku at our homes – in Cebu and in Oregon.


I was doing some arteshop upload; by the way visit my online shop for new items; browsing the internet for some dress designs and at the same time falling asleep. I just love sleeping, I don’t get to these past few months.


Bt was eating dinner then playing Destiny. And still is until this very moment. :)

And our sweet-spoiled caramel dog, Goku? Well, I guess he is tired too. He fell asleep first. Good! No more damage shoes while I’m unconscious.

Time to hit the sack!

Goodnight everyone! ;)


Farewell Batou…

Yesterday, my trustworthy bestfriend took his last breath. I am lost of words, heartbroken, devastated and in denial. He was gone to soon. He was just 2 years and 2 months old.

He was diagnosed with a kidney problem last June, I was given 10 days to decide. To let go of him or continue with medication. Of course, I chose the latter. I could never imagine myself saying yes to euthanasia. No! Not Batou.

I never failed to talk to him every day to never give up and that Bt and I will try our very best to sustain his medical needs. So he did stay a little longer. I’m thankful he was strong enough to stay, to spend a little more time, to get us prep.

I wasn’t ready then. Even until now, I’m still not.

I know you are in a better place now, Batou! Thank you again for the beautiful memories you left behind. Goku, Bt and I will forever miss you.


You’ll always be the best dog anyone could ever have. Farewell Batou…