New Friend

Teddy's new friend, Liony. He just got here. New stuff at my desk. Hehe. Posted from WordPress for Android


You mean so…

You mean so much there is no way i can imagine what i would be like, what i could do to look forward to every day. - Brian T Maher

Middle of Nowhere

Cassette tapes were very popular when I was younger. Haha! And yes, I have a collection of those way back. My father bought me my own cassette player, it made my sleeping at night worthwhile. I used to play one album night after night after night. My cassette player before was placed on my headboard, [...]

X_Xhat meets Alberto’s!

This morning my team was given a reward for a job well done. We have been exceeding expectations on what we are doing week on week. Yay! Reward sounds really good for everyone. Haha! Pizza time again. Every time we get a treat, pizza is the easiest, fastest and the most affordable food we can [...]

Words With Meaning

When I woke up this morning I received an email from someone that means so much to me. This man is the sweetest person I’ve ever met my entire life. He’s very handsome and sweet and loving and caring and many, many things. He wanted to be a ROBOT, well, HE IS. Haha! He’s that [...]


I decided to root my phone last week and it was a success. Now, I am able to uninstall applications I don't need. Yay! More space for me. But that isn't the only reason why. I wanted to personalize Navi like the way I want with less limitations, by the way that's the name of [...]

Twelve Months Old

February is our love’s birthday. And yes, is been a year. \(◎o◎)/ I met a guy I never thought I would fall in love with a year ago. I want to share our story but I guess I will leave that up to him. He’s a good story teller than I am. Right, B? Haha! [...]

Aroma Beach Resort

Last Friday, I woke up from a 2 hour sleep for some important work stuff. I then headed south to unwind with my team. We were in this quiet, rocky beach resort in San Fernando, Cebu. It was a very nice place to relax away from the city. I enjoyed it. It was fun being [...]

I do think about…

I do think about you all of the time. Everyday. I enjoy having you in my life, and look forward to when we can have breakfast together, or hold your hand, or many many other things. - Brian T Maher