Lost In Hong Kong

Reminiscing about my first trip abroad reminds me of how I was so thrilled of the thought of being in a place that wasn’t familiar. Is been a few years but I can still remember how it was like being lost. Haha! And I would love to share my little scary yet exciting experience to you. There wasn’t really a planning stage before my trip. However days before I decided to go for it, you can always catch me browsing the web for Asian tour. Or talk to my friends about how I would love to explore the world. I couldn’t wait any longer and for some reason, I just wanted to be somewhere I wasn’t known. I was very eager to just leave and have some fun. So I did. Since there was no planning whatsoever, I bought my round trip ticket 2 days before I left for HONG KONG. Yes! I was by myself and I was there for 3 days and 2 nights.

I stayed in Miramar Hotel; by the way I reserved the hotel when I was still in the Philippines. I couldn’t afford to just go and find a place when I get there. Haha! I might end up sleeping on the street corner.

Miramar Hotel
Front View – Miramar Hotel

When I got there I didn’t know where the reception area was. I didn’t know where to check in. I didn’t see any entrance door and the wall painting outside was all black. I saw an escalator but I wasn’t sure that was it. Haha! Luckily, the guy I ask directions to was one of the hotel staffs. And yes, I needed to take that escalator to be where I wanted to go. The place was very clean and the staffs were friendly and very accommodating. Thumbs up for their service.

The room I got.

Visit their website if you want to know more of what they can offer — http://www.themirahotel.com/en/default.aspx.

I suggest if you get to visit Hong Kong for the first time and by yourself, know the address of the hotel and get yourself acquainted with MTR stations. Pick those hotels near the train stations and tourist spots, is easier to get around and explore.

I visited Hong Kong Disneyland on my first day. A place to be. Felt like I was in my childhood years again. How I got there from my hotel? Google map had been very helpful and their website plus when I got to the airport I took some travel brochures.

You can get as many as you like, is free but I know you wouldn’t want to carry those papers along with you.

Hong Kong Disneyland Entrance

Let’s go to outer space!

Avenue of Stars – Symphony of Lights Show:

I spent my first night at Avenue of Stars – Symphony of Lights show. It was a walking distance from my hotel, and yes, I walked rather than spending money on a cab and miss to see other beautiful places along the way. Just in time, I got there when it started. It was amazing. I was speechless. I wished I could have gone there with someone very special and a nice camera. But I didn’t know him at that time yet.

On my second day, I explored Ocean Park, The Peak Tram, and the city; and got lost along the way too. Haha! Part of my everyday adventure. But I managed and got through with it. This was actually my last day of touring HK for I had to leave on my third day before lunch time.

First stop > Ocean Park Hong Kong:

On my way to Ocean Park

cable car ride

My second stop was at The Peak Tram/Victoria’s Peak:

City photos I took:

On my third day, I was told to be at the airport early for I would need time to check in, so I did. I checked in 2 hours before my flight. I was confident that it was too early to go to the waiting area and wait for my flight, so I was strolling around the airport mall. I was looking for things that I can bring home for my family and friends. I didn’t notice the time; I was assuming minutes before boarding would do. And I was wrong, my waiting area was too far, I had to ride a train inside the airport to get there. I was running and sweating at the same time thinking “I don’t want to miss my flight. No!” and I felt like people were looking at me thinking that I was crazy. Haha! But thank God, I made it. I was the last person who hopped in the plane bound for Cebu. 😀 Still lucky!

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