He Have Me

A short story I wrote November of 2008.

Monica has been living alone all his life. No brothers, no sisters, just her father, she’s the one and only daughter and she never knew her mom. She grew up on her own without any best friends and always stays at home with her books, journals and computer. Her dad was too busy to make a living for them to survive. 

Graduation Day!

As Monica preparing for that day she’s been waiting for, her dad came in to her room,  gave her a big hug and said: “My Princess, I’m very proud of you.” Monica can’t utter a word and just hug her dad back. She wanted to say thank you and I love you but she can’t. She’s just not used to it. But she feels her dad knows how much she loves him. 

In school, she marched down the red carpet as she smiled to his dad from the side. She was thinking what will it be her life after school. She knows that there will be a lot to come, more doors to open and opportunities. One thing she was sure was she had her dad to back him up all the way. Imaginations splashes into her mind, she was wearing a formal dress, sitting in a chair, signing documents, talking to clients, finishing for the day. It’s time for her to go home, walked down the street waiting for a cab and it rained so hard. She left her umbrella in the office thinking that it won’t rain that night because it was a beautiful sunny day when she woke up that morning. While she was walking fast to look for a coffee shop where she can stay while waiting for the rain to stop, just right before she’s totally wet, a gentleman with a black umbrella passed by. Their eyes met and were stuck to each other for a minute. From there she knew, this is the man she has been waiting for. They stopped in the coffee shop, talked and had a cup of coffee. They were talking as if they’ve known each other for so long, there was a connection, some kind of a feeling that she never felt before. She glanced at the window and notice that the rain had stop and she has to go. She left, hopped in the cab and went straight home, hoping to see the man again the next day. 

It’s been months and they’ve spent time together, all the time. They were making the most memorable experience in the world. They didn’t share anything about their past even their present, all they know is they were happy when they’re together. So happy until one day she found out as she was walking in the mall that the man was happily married. As she saw the guy with his wife and kids, she couldn’t breathe; she didn’t know what to do. Tears fell down on her cheeks, and she heard her name, Monica Web for cum laude.  She stood up looked at his dad, smiled and thought:  There are things in this life that we don’t have control over like love. It may make you happy and hurt you at the same time but you’ll always find the meaning of love. Like my dad, he doesn’t have mom but he have me.

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