Words With Meaning

When I woke up this morning I received an email from someone that means so much to me. This man is the sweetest person I’ve ever met my entire life. He’s very handsome and sweet and loving and caring and many, many things. He wanted to be a ROBOT, well, HE IS. Haha! He’s that ROBOT that drinks more coffee than water in a day. ( ^^) _U~~ (Have a sip. :)) He’s a good cook. I like them except for vegetables.  (^_^) He loves to tease me all of the time, or I should say we love to tease each other in our own way. (^u^) He loves hangouts everyday and me too. And we celebrate blackheart day every month for the time being apart.

this early morning love letter made my day! 🙂

To you, Brian, thank you for the sweet, meaningful words. I know how hard it is to really express what’s deep inside our hearts. But you’ve manage to put some into words. I am so happy and blessed to have met you! A kiss for you from here to there. (*^3^)/~☆

His sweet letter for me; a piece of our story is in it; where we met, how we met and how it all started. I’ve read this a couple of times today. (^_^) Haha! Sweet Love! Felt like everything happened just yesterday.

words with meaning

i love you, i love you, i love you. every since the day that i met you, there was something. the sparkle in your eyes when you finally decided to look my way, that half smile at the end of your briefly spoken words, i could tell there was something. a connection, a sharing, a solid line stretching from ghost to ghost. i recognized you. first only as someone who was natural to understand, with clean communication, and no double-speak.  you didn’t have to say much, i could understand. and it was easy. how rare that’s been for me, how unusual, yet nice to find.  even then, first visit, it was that way, but i didn’t recognize, then, the remainder, behind the simplicity of knowing you. when second visit came, it was nice to see you, why? why, was it nice? we had only kept in brief contact between first and second visit, still, i wanted to see you, i was looking forward to it, and when i did see you, it was natural for me to reach my arms out to hug you. why? how could i expect you to be ok with that? only in the natural way we are together. it was ok because it was right, because you and i were that way without experience, or time, or words before.  but then, guen, then bonding day, and that natural way became everything i’d wanted, and i first recognized who you really were. then our first date, and i knew you were my perfect one. the love i’d looked for my whole life. i didn’t know what to say. i smiled, i was so happy to know you, and yet, here you were, living so far from my home. i didn’t know what to say, or if i should say anything at all.  no, really, i couldn’t have kept quiet. there was no way. i mean, you did not say anything about it to me. i wasn’t entirely sure what it was you were thinking, but by the time we went to the island, after that uncomfortable day where i wasn’t sure i wanted to hold your hand, or get into a fight, i couldn’t let the chance go. my confession. there was no doubt that i felt this way, there was no doubt that i was in love, so very much in love, and still you listened to me, and did not say anything. i did not know what to do about it. it was ok, anything you said, it was ok, because i was expressing my feelings, and did not require your equal response.  but my perfect one would respond in kind, that was the only way it could be. so were you truly my forever love? your confession was honest, and bound me to you. we were matched, you and i, in love, together. we were natural, and though we faced difficult things, waiting, distance, we were still equally ready to face these things to have each other.  guen, i can tell you that i love you, and know that when i do that you can see more than the words themselves, more than the idea of what love is. that you can see into my heart and understand what it is that i would do for your, and how i always want to see that smile, and sparkle in your eyes, as i did on the very first day i met you. that you know that i am dedicated to you forever now that i have met you, and know the name of my companion, guendolen.


April 2011 – From my robot love.
my Valentine’s day present for him!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day with someone you love like we do every day despite the distance.

xo, guenny

2 thoughts on “Words With Meaning

  1. Guen, i have been in your place before and almost 7 years after i am happily married to my long-distance love. it made me reminiscent reading your letter, it is not easy, but when you feel True Love, nothing else matter. I just wish you and Brian, more patience and and continue to cherish the love you have, despite the distance : )


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