Middle of Nowhere

Cassette tapes were very popular when I was younger. Haha! And yes, I have a collection of those way back. My father bought me my own cassette player, it made my sleeping at night worthwhile. I used to play one album night after night after night. My cassette player before was placed on my headboard, technically the floor, 😀 for I love to sleep on a mattress (on the floor) in my old room at my mom’s house. I couldn’t sleep if there’s no music playing. And I can remember my mom yelling at me late at night and say ‘guendolen, lower down the volume’. Haha! If you’ve met my mom, you know how she sounds like. 😀 Ma, I can now understand why, it is annoying. Like, how it annoys me sometimes at my place when neighbors start to play very loud music in my sleeping time.

I dont have my old cassette player anymore. I am not sure if it is still in my mom’s house, if is, then I don’t know if is still working. Is okay though, I don’t have my cassette tapes anymore. I have few of my old time favorites in CDs and MP3s, but not all.

Today, I listened to Hanson’s Middle of Nowhere album in grooveshark. Gosh! I can still sing along with them. I can’t believe I can still remember most of the lyrics of all the songs. I’ve always dreamed of meeting them or seeing them playing live.

Thanks grooveshark! By the way, I am not a singer, but my voice sounds better when I’m inside the shower. 🙂

Enjoy your day everyone.

xo, guenny

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