Blackheart Day Anniversary

Today marks the 13th blackheart day!

March 1st of last year was our very first blackheart day. That was the day when he left for Portland. We had that last cup of coffee together in Marco Polo-Pool Bar. And yes, that was the saddest day of my life. The thought of not being able to hold, feel, tease each other, eat breakfast together, and do many, many other things every day is very difficult. Its just is. For some reasons, every first of the month we feel that longing to be with each other so bad that we get grumpy and sensitive and sad. Is true, we do. The crazy part is we celebrate feel how strong it is  twice every month because he lives thousands of miles away from where I am. But what makes this day special is we are getting closer to the day that we will be together everyday. 🙂

xo, guenny

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