Dessert, Anyone?

A treat for myself before hitting the sack. 😉 ...just two. 😀 Another time will be with coffee. Wishing my robot love is here, he would definitely like this. xo, guenny


Being Yours

In all my childhood fantasies, I have imagined having someone so wonderful and I am glad it is you. You’re such a caring person and a wonderful companion. You filled my life with so many great things, so many warm and special feelings… You’ve helped me discover how beautiful a relationship can be when you’re [...]

Aninikad Soup

It was my first time to be in Basak Wet Market this morning and saw some aninikad shells. Is been a while since I last had these. So, I made Aninikad Soup for lunch. We used to have this during dinner time when I was still living with family. Ingredients: Aninikad Shells Tomato (kamatis) Spring [...]

As It Seems

I finished watching season 7 finale of Criminal Minds a few minutes ago. Gosh! JJ's wedding was very simple and romantic. Love. Love. Love. I liked it. And also the team's last dance was so touching. It made me cry. I am in love with the song. "As It Seems" by Lily Kershaw. Well I [...]

Meet Yuki

Since Lappie (my portable) died, about 2 weeks ago, days and hours at home have been terrible. I've been missing daily hangouts with Robot Love. Gosh! I didn't like it. Lappie had a video card issue, is integrated so I can't repair it. I've sent it in for repair once last year. And few weeks [...]

For All The Moms

Early this morning I sent a text message to my mom greeting her “Happy Mother’s Day”. She’s the best mom in the world and I love her so. We are like sisters. Thanks Ma for everything, for all the lessons and guidance. As I was growing up and until today, I was and always am [...]

The Very First

I so miss my robot love. Lately, it seems we never have enough time together. Between the demands of work and home, there's not a lot of time or energy left over for hangouts. And now Lappie (my portable), died on me. Hangouts would be more difficult. /sad. I do miss him every day and I [...]

Early Sunday Morning In Carcar

Sunrise was at the other side but I still took photos of the beach when I woke up that early Sunday morning, just a few hours before I left to go back to the city. Is time for me to say goodnight. Time to sleep in this side of the world. xo, guenny

That Dog In The Beach

While I was taking photos of the Carcar Sunset, this very silent dog just climbed up the rock and stayed in front of my view. So, I made another set and made him part of the shoot. Enjoy Tuesday! xo, guenny