As It Seems

I finished watching season 7 finale of Criminal Minds a few minutes ago. Gosh! JJ’s wedding was very simple and romantic. Love. Love. Love. I liked it. And also the team’s last dance was so touching. It made me cry. I am in love with the song. “As It Seems” by Lily Kershaw.

Well I knew
What I didn’t want to know
And I saw
Where I didn’t want to go
So I took the path less traveled on
And I’ll let my stories be whispered
When I’m gone…

When I’m gone
When I’m gone
When I’m gone

Well I lost my innocence when in I let him dive
But the way that he looked at me
Made me feel alive
And now I know
Nothin’ at all
But the release that comes when you’re
In mid fall…

In mid fall
In mid fall
In mid fall

Cause in this life you must find something to live for
Cause when the darkness comes a callin’
You’ll go back to where you were before
Cause this life is as
Fragile as a dream, and
Nothing’s ever really
As it seems…

As it seems
As it seems
As it seems

It is very sad to know that Emily is saying goodbye. She’s a very good actress, talented and I like her in the show. Why is she leaving? I know there are a lot of viewers who wants her to stay. But as what she said:

I’ve always heard every ending is also a beginning, we just don’t know it at that time. I’d like to believe that’s true. – E. Prentiss

I wish her well. I am looking forward of another season of Criminal Minds. I hope there will be more to come. I love the show and the cast. They are really doing a good job entertaining their viewers. Kudos!

‘Til next post.

xo, guenny

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