Many To Mention

Hello all! How have you been? As for me, I was enjoying my time with my robot love – Bt. He was in the country and we have been busy since he arrived. I miss the blog world. I do. But being able to spend time with him was precious. I will share about our time together soon. As for today, I will share those family gatherings I’ve mentioned from my previous post. I will name names of family but not all, too many. Like those moments where you were answering autographs in highschool, Many To Mention. 🙂

1st – Uncle Dee’s Night Out With Neices & Nephews. We had dinner at Shakey’s Ayala, and the restaurant almost had the store exclusive, that’s how many we were. Hahaha! You will understand when I add the photos in a while. After having pizza, pasta, soda and beer, we headed to Amnezia for karaoke, live band, disco and another round of beer. I was overwhelmed, I had so much fun and that was our very first night out with cousins.

From the top: Shakey’s (2 photos), Outside Ayala Mall, Amnezia
Uncle Dee was overwhelmed with the headcount.

2nd – Party at Inday Bebot’s Mansion. I said party in general for we were celebrating — Reunion, In-In’s 1st Birtday and Welcome Home Party. Aunts, Uncles and cousins from around the world visited last month. Some, I haven’t seen for decades. We had so much fun, many delicious food and of course photos. Theme: Red & Black.

party time!

3rd – Goodbye Ate Lara. Farewell party for Uncle Dee’s family — Aunt Lalaine, Ate Lara, Gelo and In-In. We had finger foods, soda and beer. Jamming with cousins too, singing their hearts out while I was busy cheering and eating.

Ate Lara with Gilles

4th – Shopping, Bowling & Dinner @ Max Restaurant all in SM City Cebu.

5th – For the girls in Pardo. Another party we had, just us ladies in the family. The never ending chika and reminiscing moments from the past.

6th – Azi’s First Birthday @ Margarita Family Cuisine. My cousin Marie Mar went home from the Middle East to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday. We didn’t have enough time to catch up but I had fun at the party seeing them again. It was nice to see college friends too, it has been a while.

7th – Farewell Party of Inday Lot2x’s Family — Uncle Iking, and Ian. As I was checking my phone I didn’t have photos for this party. Epic fail.

I guess that’s about it. All of those happened in July. I had so much FUN! Hope you are too.


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