After Almost A Year

After almost a year we finally had our time together. I had an amazing time and I was very happy. I know many of you can understand how it feels like to be in a long distance relationship; being able to spend some time together is one of the most important things to look forward to every day. Though the time we spent together is always too short for both of us, still it is very special.

Last July 28, my robot love – Bt, arrived home. I was very excited and was looking forward of our time together — hangouts and our travel. While I was at the airport waiting for him, I had my cup of coffee, the thought of being able to touch and see him made me feel very nervous. That’s how I always feel every time, so does he and we both like it. After saying hello, either one of us would say the word “awkward” to break the ice then we both laugh about it. Haha! Good times!  I will share many of the things we did this year.

To start of…


This is our first photo together this year. 🙂


MEETING FAMILY: The second photo is not the actual meeting photo for I failed to take some when we were visiting  Lola Dione’s place. But Bt met most of the people in the photo. Thanks Uncle Iking for the nice photo.

then our good times together, just us…


I love coffee and so as Bt, I can live without coffee but I don’t think he will last a day without a cup. Coffee is like his water. Hehe. So he never missed coffee at home during breakfast and coffee from random coffee shops before or after meals at the mall. He so love it. We went to Bo’s Coffee (IT Park & Parkmall), Coffee Bean (SM, IT Park & Ayala) and Starbucks (SM and Boracay), not just once in every coffee shops but multiple times. See for yourself.

Random photos of our coffee hangouts


Just being lazy together, light breakfast, watching shows and playing with his tab and my phone; changing themes, downloading apps and playing with camera and filters, comparing stuffs. We love it, idle time.

We love being lazy together.


From simple but delicious fast food to classy restaurants, we both love to eat tasty food and they were either grilled/sautéed.

Jollibee – Manang Fe’s BBQ – Moon Cafe (Grand Mall, IT Park) – Gerry’s Grill (SM & Boracay) – Golden Cowrie (SM) – Grand Majestic (SM) – Mesa Restaurant (Boracay) – Bigby’s (SM) – Obama Grill Restaurant (Boracay)

Lunch & Dinner Dates
Pork BBQ, Chicken BBQ, Calamares, Pork Belly, Fried Rice, Lumpia, Sauteed Shrimps, Binagoongang Pork, Puso, Pork Shreds, Grilled Squid, Sweet & Sour Pork, Pizza, Chicken Teriyaki, Grilled Fish, Pork Tenders


We were supposed to visit two islands this year just like last year but due to typhoon, we were down to one. We went to Boracay and get ourselves burned under the sun, not so much for me though. 🙂 The first part of the travel didn’t start as good as we expected. As I have mentioned, some parts of the country were affected by typhoon which caused our flight to be delayed for 4 hours. Staying at the airport for 6 hours was no fun but it was okay having him there. It was like having hangouts at home. Same also as we went back home, flight was delayed but better than the first one. It was only delayed for 2 hours. Delayed flight means more photos at the airport. Haha! Anyway, the weather in Boracay was nice. We enjoyed our stay at Willy’s Beach Resort (Station 1) in Boracay. The staffs were polite and their breakfast buffet was good. And we had pretty photos taken. I wished we had more photos together.

Airport photos – To & From
Boracay photos – I will upload photos of the beach shots on a separate post. 

then the time to say…

GOODBYE: I don’t like this part, makes me sad.


We are getting better thus it gets harder every time.

Are you in a long distance relationship too? Share your stories, I would love to hear about it.