Best Buddies

It amazes me how multiple photo apps can make a normal photo look lovely, funny and unique. I have a few to share. It was about time for me to wrap things up at work when one of my agents was showing interest in posing for photos. She actually said to take some photos of her and her new found best buddy at work while playing games. Wait! Don’t get me wrong, we were working, it just so happen that playing is part of what we do at work. 😉 Great isn’t it? Anyway, I downloaded a new photo app yesterday that I was so eager to try, have two teammates that were willing to smile and pose, just perfect timing.

Best Buddies: (L-R) Kristine – Ranny
2 Queens Playing Some Killing Zombies Game. Translation #1: (Kristine’s thought) “LOL. She doesn’t know how to play” #2: (Ranny in her very loud voice) “OMG! What’s happening? Hey! Hey! Hey!”.

Thanks Ranny and Kristine! Until our next session. Haha!

Have a great day everyone; wherever you are in the world!


***apps used in all of the photos were PicSay & Cymera combined.

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