Took Risk. Survived.

Early this morning, my galaxy note went swimming together with the fishes in the pond at work. I didn’t know my Samsung Galaxy Note has a feature I wasn’t aware of when I bought it. He spent a few seconds with the fishes and drowned after, so I went ahead and submerged my left hand to rescue him and did CPR and mouth to mouth but it wasn’t enough. There was still water inside his system. I didn’t have much of a choice but to admit him to ICU for too much water intake. Battery out, sim card out, and memory card out. I had to wait and observe. Tsk! Not happy! But work has to continue, I still had to do’s to accomplish for the day.

Time passed. I got to go home.

When I got home, I did what my quack doctor friends at work advised, put him in a bucket full of rice for a day. I did and then I decided to go to bed and sleep but I couldn’t. I couldn’t sleep and I couldn’t wait a day or two. So, I got the phone out of the bucket full of rice, switched it on and guess what?

Epic fail! It didn’t turn on. Waaaaaaaa… I wanted to cry, my heart was beating so fast. I am not ready to let it go. No! Not today!

My last resort before going to a doctor for a major surgery is a minor surgery by me. I researched and found this video:

After hours of contemplating, I did it anyway without hesitation. I just have to do something rather than sit and wait, making myself suffer of thinking about what ifs.

When I opened him up, there were still water but none got fried. I was hopeful!

Samsung Galaxy Note
#operating area
Samsung Galaxy Note
Waited a few hours to fully get it dry.

I dried it up with air and soft cloth, waited for a couple of hours. And closed him up, hoping he will be okay.

Samsung Galaxy Note
Yay! After the minor surgery.

Ha! I maybe telling you silly and funny things right now, I maybe was smiling the entire time I was at work, I maybe was pretending to be okay when I was telling my friends how it happened. I may have been very calm this morning but deep inside, I wanted to just SHOUT! Gosh! My two-month old phone is just GONE!!! JUST GONE! Just the thought of it, sucks! Sorry, mind my language. I was sad, devastated, anxious, and furious, you name it all. But now, that it is actually turning on, I am somewhat happy. He will still be under observation, though. Hopefully everything will be alright.

Goodnight, Guen

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