Rise and Shine at Night

First day of my work week last night. Rise and Shine at night again. GRAVEYARD. GRAVEYARD. GRAVEYARD. Fueled up my body with hot coffee from McDonald's. Oh! Coffee! Thank you for always being there to keep me awake. Plus a little bit of photography while finishing my coffee. 3 dim lights in McDonalds, romantic! For [...]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

Foreign Words and Foreign Signs in a Foreign Place. I had an amazing time visiting MY last 2010. I'm looking forward of another "foreign" trip next year. It feels wonderful when your wishes are slowly coming true. Discovering the world one country at a time. 🙂 Goodnight! *** Related articles Travelogue: Kuala Lumpur via Putrajaya [...]

One Last Look

I don't want to make it so dramatic. It's not that I am never coming back; it’s just that it isn’t going to be as often as it was. It is a big change, for the last 8 years, I am in this place every single day of my workday and now maybe once, twice [...]

My Saturday Morning & His Friday Night

From a 12 hour sleep? I needed some edible stuff to satisfy my hungry tummy. It's a rainy day in CEBU, so this totally means LAZY DAY for me. McDonalds delivery --- pancake and a cold vanilla coffee for breakfast while watching movies I've watched a million times. And for my robot love in Portland, [...]

Cold Rainy Morning

The tree that caught my attention this cold Thursday morning. Just after taking a break from my busy day at work. Posted from WordPress for Android Related articles On a jeepney, hungry and it's a rainy Thursday (losingforgetfulness.wordpress.com) Another Rainy Night (lifesprinkles.com) Ideas for rainy days out with kids | Family days out , Days [...]

Travel Theme: Couples

Relationship has its ups and downs.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette

Even though distance separates us today, you are never out of sight, not once, for looking inside my heart, all I see, my love, is you. -

Clouds, Clouds. Aren’t they pretty?

Yesterday. It was very traffic and I was stuck in the cab for a while on my way home from work. While on the bridge, I managed to take some decent photos of the sky. I noticed the clouds were very pretty. I realized there are so many beautiful things you can do with your [...]

The Sun Is Hiding, Don’t You Think?

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