Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

I wonder what Batou is thinking when I leave him inside the cage every time I go to work. Awwww! That look is melting my heart everyday.

After Shower

Hello! I am feeling fresh. Guen bought my old shampoo brand. Hope this works. So much itchiness and redness.

Happy Birthday Jo Anne

Surprise birthday to my friend from her loving hubby. Since phone was low battery, was only able to take a few photos. Yes, I was the early bird. 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV

I was on my way home. It was traffic and we stopped in the middle of the bridge. After checking my emails, I looked outside and saw this view. First thing that came in my mind was this challenge. Perfect timing! Okay, enough for this post. Almost to my destination. Enjoy!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

One step at a time... My robot love is a pro! He took this photo and I loved it.

Happy, Happy B…

Happy Birthday Narciso and Jeffrey! Aw! Had fun with Team Rhapsody this afternoon at Shakey's Ayala Cebu. Congratulations to your team Jeff for a job well done last month. The Team While waiting for the food... The Food The Boss Thanks Jeff! 🙂


This morning's view from the bridge. The sun was about to rise, such a lovely day!