Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

During our Phuket trip this year. Enjoyed the beach and the sun. Related articles Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (caughtbytheeyeofmankind.wordpress.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (2far2shout.wordpress.com) Weekly photo challenge: Horizon (simonhawketts.wordpress.com) Weekly Challenge: Horizon 2 (simonhawketts.wordpress.com) weekly photo challenge: horizon (plaridel.wordpress.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (andrefromholland.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (dailypost.wordpress.com) Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon (onlinebulkcontestvotes.wordpress.com) Weekly [...]


Jonie’s Sizzlers & Roast

One of the many affordable restaurants in JCentre Mall. A meal for only 59php ($1.40) with free iced tea (current promo). I am here almost every other day of my work week. From chicken steak - pork steak - calamares - flaming bacon. I just love eating! Just took this photo today! Let's eat!

Metric 2013

I had a chance to see a band I really like play a show at the Roseland Theatre in downtown Portland. Metric is a Canadian band I first heard 10 years ago. Since then, I've been to see them many times, and though there are always new faces in the crowd, I still receive transmission [...]

Earthquake Yesterday

I am home. Thank YOU! Nothing happened to our little sosy kubo! No cracks and broken stuff! This house is not perfectly built but is strong enough to survive an earthquake such as yesterday. Today is the last day of my supposed to be fiesta-fun vacation leave at mom's. I wasn't expecting it to be [...]

Brother’s Birthday

Brother's birthday over the weekend; had so much food, chitchat with mom and photos. Hehe. And he prepared all of these food except for the cake, of course. Enjoy the food as you scroll down. 🙂



Yesterday didn't go as planned. I fell asleep early and woke up in the middle of the night. Then went back to sleep again in the morning. Little to no food for a day is not very me. Now that I am wide awake, time to treat myself out with delicious food and maybe a [...]


Our snacks, we are enjoying it very much!