A Beatiful Christmas Place

Aunt's beautiful home always have that special Christmas feel every year, from Santa lamp to a hanging Santa and many others. You will fall in love with her decors and many other simple yet beautiful Christmas stuff. For me, it makes me wish every day is Christmas Day! Happy Christmas Everyone!!! Enjoy today and the [...]


Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand

Hello Everyone!!! I have been very busy lately and didn't have that much time to even say hello. Our photos during our Thailand trip early this year is just sitting in my hard drive.  Bleh! I have posted some but I couldn't tell where and which of which. Haha! Brian even came home2 weeks ago [...]

Our Dogs Fighting Over One Rope Toy

The frienemies at home, our Caramel-White mixed breed dogs. Making our quiet little home messy and crazy once in a while. Oh! Wait! No! Everyday I mean. Run. Jump. Play. Lick. They are just everywhere. Hehe!!! Love them!