I'm in one of the many Starbucks Coffee Shop in Cebu. And while I am enjoying my coffee and at the same time observing people around, I notice how people judge other people by how they look, what they wear, who they're with, etc. I feel sad because most of us worked really hard to [...]



Hello Everyone!!! I feel bad, I was MIA for so long. The past few months were the busiest days, weeks, months of my entire life. It was crazy busy with work that I didn't get the chance to write, post or even sleep properly. And Batou and Goku was sick simultaneously and at the same [...]

Batou & Goku As Friends

They fight most of the time, like cats and dogs. One day, they were getting along and was very sweet to each other. I hope this happens all the time. Frenemies! 🙂