Sunday’s Best

Started with a visit to Sto. Nino Church to say thanks. Traveled from Lapu-Lapu City to Cebu City via Ferry Boat. Literally it felt like I was traveling to a different island. I guess I did. Fare was very cheap for only 15 pesos ($0.35). And here’s the view during my 30-minute trip.




Then had lunch at Kara’s Chicken, the very popular, very affordable chicken place in downtown Cebu. Their chicken sauce is the best! How much was for lunch? Just 74 pesos ($1.72), perfect!


Our day didn’t end there yet; we headed to Ayala, of course by jeep for only 9 pesos ($0.21) each. And was just hanging out at Coffee Bean for some great coffee and dessert. I had a White Chocolate Dreamy Latte for 150 pesos ($3.50) and a chocolate fudge cake for 120 pesos ($2.80). Not bad, huh!




We got bored, so we went shopping. I mean, Gabby went shopping! This is for our #ootd project in the next coming days. 🙂 We will share it in the blog.



After, we headed home but before I did, I stopped by Eloisa Hotel in Lapu-Lapu City to get a 2-hour massage for only 350 pesos ($8.15). I wish I was able to take photos but my phone battery didn’t last that long and so was I. I had a good night sleep when I got home!

Who says you can’t enjoy a day in a less expensive way? 🙂

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