One Month Together

Longest we've ever been for the past couple of years. And it has been incredibly great! I still can't believe we are going to be in each other's side for the rest of our lives. Happy! 🙂 For those that didn't know, we've been in a long distance relationship for many years and we only [...]


Humongous Trees

From afar, those trees seemed like they were just regular-sized trees but they weren't; not even close. Look at that! See what I mean? Haha. 😀 Have a wonderful day! Much Guenny Outfit Details: Top Layers: H&M White Sleeveless Top, Bench Mustard/Gray Polo Shirt, Terranova Brown Sweatshirt Bottom: Penshoppe Black Skinny Jeans Shoes and Coat: Mossimo Brown [...]

Foggy Road – To Washington County

When everything is so white and you can barely see where you're going. 🙂 Last week, on our way to Washington County.

To Downtown Portland (Teaser)

Sundate – Buffalo Wild Wings

Weekend is not complete without date nights! I am a happy girlfriend. 🙂 Since most restaurants here don't serve rice, got to learn eating without it. I am slowly adjusting but there is no way we can't have rice at home. 😛 I am glad Brian loves rice too. So I am good, surviving! We [...]

Movie Date at Century 16

I've watched both Taken and Taken 2 in the big screen back home. And there's no way I'm gonna miss the 3rd Liam Neeson and Maggie Grace's movie, Taken 3. The fiancé brought me to Century 16 last night for a movie date. Happy me! 🙂 Three things: --- (observation time) 1. Movie theaters here [...]

A Walk To Remember

They say most "first times" are always hard to forget, do you believe in that? I guess, at some point we all do. Last Thursday was my first ever adventure since I got here. My first time to be out without Brian, hashtag Oregon adventure (#OregonAdventure). Let's call it that way from now on. 😉 [...]

TRVLTOG [1]: Our Cannon Beach Winter Adventure

I grew up seeing the "always" warm part of the Pacific Ocean and now I got the chance to see the other side of it. It was BEAUTIFUL and yes, VERY COLD! Maybe because it's winter? I hope so. I'll share more if I get the chance to visit the place in summer time. 🙂 To Cannon Beach: [...]

At Viewpoint

Viewpoint stop over! Just wanted to share photos of us and the pine trees. It was beautiful except for the fact that it rained ice on the way. 🙂 Cold! Check out my post about my first week in OR, USA here. 😉 We are both so happy that we've closed the distance between us. No more Skype [...]