TRVLTOG [1]: Our Cannon Beach Winter Adventure

I grew up seeing the “always” warm part of the Pacific Ocean and now I got the chance to see the other side of it. It was BEAUTIFUL and yes, VERY COLD! Maybe because it’s winter? I hope so. I’ll share more if I get the chance to visit the place in summer time. 🙂

To Cannon Beach:

IMG_7388 IMG_7410IMG_7413

At Cannon Beach: (Related to: First Weekend in Oregon post)

IMG_7421 IMG_7422 IMG_7423 IMG_7424 IMG_7425

Together Photos @ Cannon Beach:

Did some coffee time, photo taking and souvenir shopping.

IMG_0014 IMG_0016 IMG_7420 IMG_7427 IMG_7433 IMG_7439 IMG_7445 IMG_7451 IMG_7467 IMG_7469

Hope you enjoyed our little adventure during the holiday season. 🙂 I’ll do better with my photos next time. I have found a gloves that work on my smartphone. It is difficult to make your hands stay still in this cold weather. LOL.



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