Architecture & Monochrome

Fremont Bridge, Portland

I was up there (2nd tier of the bridge) and couldn’t resist taking a photo of the arch. The husband was driving fast because there was no traffic, so I had to be quick. 😉 I guess I was quick enough, this photo seems legit. Haha. When I first got here, this bridge was just a background in my Grimm Inspired Travel post. Recently, I was on it. Pretty cool! 😉

The Robertson Tunnel, Washington Park TriMet Station (Blue Line)

When I was waiting for my train home. This was after strolling around Oregon Zoo. 😉 There was only me for about 5 minutes or so, I was a little scared. It was so quiet, cold and a little creepy. So much imagination going on, and I can’t believe my mind can picture millions of scary thoughts in five minutes. #goosebumps Haha!

And then there were 2 more people 3 minutes before the train arrived. So I survived. Lol. 

The Interstate Bridge, Oregon/Washington State

Crossing Columbia River for the first time.


What I love about monochrome photo is the feeling of being a part of the past. Like I’m in a machine traveling back in time and experiencing life way before I was born.

How about you?

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