Hello again! This is a long overdue post but still would like to share it. All of you or at least my blog’s followers know that me and my husband went to a trip weeks ago to visit Mount St. Helens. I shared some photos of our drive to Mount St. Helens in my previous post (if you have not seen it, you still can — here). This time I will show you Mount St. Helens (from Elk Rock Viewpoint) and of course tourist-ish photos.

At State Route 504 – Hoffstadt Creek Bridge, a short stop to stretch our legs and some tourist photos and selfie. 🙂

At Elk Rock Viewpoint, the closest we can get to Mount St. Helens. The other place we wanted to go to was closed when we visited.

State Route 504 - Hoffstadt Creek Bridge

The two of us together, because of one man who offered to take a photo of us together. /happy

We’ll visit Washington again this weekend but this time we will be going to Seattle. My husband also bought me a mini tripod so we can take more photos together. So I am happy and excited.

Hope you enjoyed looking at our photos. 🙂



2 thoughts on “TRVLTOG [3.1]: MOUNT ST. HELENS

  1. Although this is overdue. I still envy you! I had been wanting to post our trip but since I am until now overwhelmed I do not know how to start doing it. So, yours is still fine! Keep it up! ❤

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