Up-cycled Shoe Box

Shoe box to mail/magazine sorter. 😉


Rested from knitting last night because I’ve been frogging rows. I didn’t understand why I was missing the pattern again and again, row per row, not fun anymore. So, I decided to make a mail/magazine organizer from a shoe box.

By the way, the word frogging in the knitting world means ripping back stitches.


Here are the materials I used:

  1. Shoe box
  2. Wrapping Paper/Old Magazines
  3. Scissors
  4. Glue Stick & Clear Tape
  5. Ruler
  6. Marker

How I made it? Here:

1. Remove the shoe box lid. For this box, I had to cut it with scissors. (Keep the box lid for later use.)

2. Wrap the box with wrapping paper/old magazine using a glue stick/clear tape. I covered mine with solid red wrapping paper as first layer (used a clear tape) then old magazine as second layer (used a glue stick). You can do whatever you like, be creative. Cover both outside and inside area.

3. Cut the box lid to the height of the box. Cover the brown area of the lid only, or if you want both, you can. I only covered one side as I like the blue color of the box. And then tape it inside the box, acting as a divider.

4. You’re done! Put in your mails/magazines in the box.


Finished project:

Up-cycled Shoe Box
Up-cycled Shoe Box


Up-cycled Shoe Box
Mail/Magazine Organizer in our kitchen counter.



Pretty easy project! Hope you enjoyed it. 😉


Much ❤ ,


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