Sundate: Burger & Popcorn Shrimp

Our every once in a while "Sundate" (Sunday Date)! This time we went to Buffalo Wild Wings at The Streets for a change! Hahaha. Kidding! We've been here many times, maybe more than 5 visits already. 🙂 It was not very cold out so we stayed at the patio area of the restaurant which was [...]


Assorted Placemats #2

I finished the second one today. Oh yeah! \m/ From last MONDAY WIPs, I decided to make assorted placemats of 4. I guess, I'm down to two more. This was an easy knit and the ombre yarn looked great with this pattern. Lines on both sides, the perfect border. Then circles and lots of circles in the [...]

Summer Dresses – Few Faves

So love the weather these past few days, 70-80 degrees! I was browsing through summer dresses this morning, and there were so many lovely dresses. So many to choose from but I'll share few of my favorite designs. Aren't they gorgeous? If I were to pick only one, I'll go for the first photo ~ [...]

From New York ~ Gracious Home and Mike + Ally

I was pretty lucky during Mother's Day week of this year, I won 2 Instagram giveaways. 🙂 This is my second! You can find my first giveaway prize here.   I got the package today and I am so happy with these 3 little icy white glass pieces. They are very elegant and I'm pretty sure they’ll [...]

Wishful Thinking

I bet all of us knitters wish we can knit this fast!   If this was realistic, I think there'll be yarn shortage. Do you know anyone that knits like a flash? Share links below, I would love to see their work.   ❀ , Guenny

MONDAY WIPS ~ Assorted Placemats

I'm down to my second placemat, I'm bound to make 4 to complete the set. And I decided to make assorted ones because of 3 things: 1. I didn't like the first placemat I made, 2. to learn and try different stitches and/or patterns, and 3. to make knitting life more exciting. I'm thinking of [...]

Thank You!

This happened yesterday!!! 🙂   Once I hit 500 followers, I will host my own giveaway. I'll start planning as early as now so it would be a blast! Can't wait! Thanks again for all the likes, the comments and of course the follow. You all truly made my day! 😉   Much ❀ , [...]

Late Lunch Sundate @ RR

The husband was craving for burgers so we went to Red Robin (188th Ave in Hillsboro). And since I don't eat burgers and vegetables, I ordered their chicken and fries combo. I only have two things to say: 1, they don't have hot sauce ready on the table. I could probably asked but I decided [...]

Easy To Make Brownie

I make this easy to bake brownies for: breakfast with coffee or dessert after dinner or midnight snacks with coke on weekends. I like the idea of this ready mix sweets, simply because it's hassle-free and the amount of time you spend in the kitchen is very short. If you are a busy woman, this is best [...]