MONDAY WiPs: Chocolate Ombre

I have two things on my list that will be a priority, one crochet project (little blanket) and one knit project (another dining décor). The blanket is halfway done but has been stagnant for weeks. I’m so behind with my crocheting ‘coz I’m too excited to use my new deluxe knitting needles set. Haha! Speaking of knitting, I am making placemats (set of 4) in chocolate ombre – Lily yarn. I got the pattern for free from ravelry and casted on the first one this morning.

Latest Stats: 

#1 Little Blanket – haven’t added even one stitch since last Monday. 😥

#2 Set of 4 Placemats – started this morning, but I’ll ensure little blanket will be my #1 priority. 🙂


I still can’t see how the pattern would look like in my choice of yarn.


Let’s forget about the tube socks and short sleeved tee for now. :-p


Little Accomplishments from last week’s WiPs:

#1 Denim Bag won based on the poll results last week and I kinda like how convenient the handle is. I did use the bag this afternoon and it was great, durable I would say. Maybe this weekend I’ll model it with the husband’s help, my photographer. 🙂

Denim Bag
Denim Bag


#2 Also finished my fishtail table runner last night!

Daylight photo!
Daylight photo!


Also, created a blog fb page this morning. If you are on facebook, go visit and like my page. I will host a giveaway soon!


Happy Monday WiPs!!! 😉


Much ❤ ,


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