MONDAY WIPS ~ Assorted Placemats

I’m down to my second placemat, I’m bound to make 4 to complete the set. And I decided to make assorted ones because of 3 things:

1. I didn’t like the first placemat I made,

2. to learn and try different stitches and/or patterns, and

3. to make knitting life more exciting.

I’m thinking of frogging the first one but I’ll decide when I’m done washing it or maybe wait until I finish the second one.

Placemat # 1:


Placemat # 2: 

Just started! 5 rows of 64 stitches and counting.

I got the second pattern from red heart website and will share it in my next craft life update. This is also the second Knitter’s Pride (Nova Platina) needles I used from my deluxe set. And they’re very good, I didn’t experience any pain in my hand since I started using it. If you want to get yourself these very light needles, head over to my blog shop to see few of my favorite things and wishlists. 🙂


Happy Memorial Day & Monday WiPs!!!


Much ❤ ,


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