Portland Festival of Flowers

Based on my research, Festival of Flowers is one of the most celebrated festivals in Portland. Every year, they make these giant designs of flowers in Pioneer Courthouse Square. According to the husband,  it is open for everybody and it is very nice. So I made a trip to downtown this morning, it was supposed to be last Monday but the weather wasn’t very accommodating, good thing it runs for more than a week.

Anyway, I looked it up on the internet and this year’s theme is Doughnut Trip, meaning giant doughnut designs in the entire Pioneer Square. Can you imagine thousands of flowers in the heart of downtown? That’s a lot! And when I got there, gigantic doughnuts everywhere.

The theme!
Pioneer Courthouse Square

A little later after lunch, where there were less people around…




Earlier part of the day where it was still very busy, around brunch time.


So, if you happen to be in this side of town, head over to downtown PDX. The festival of flowers is until the 9th!

And here’s some real time posts from Instagram: (follow away!)



On the side note, I took so many up close photos of the flowers but I lost all of them. I lost my iPhone on the way home, I think I left it in the bus. I am hoping who ever found it, will give it to the TriMet bus driver so I can have it back.


Have a good night!


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3 thoughts on “Portland Festival of Flowers

  1. flowers are so pretty! I love things that are open to public! There are some outside activities right around us (no bus necessary!) it’s great. The flowers look beautiful – hope you can find your phone.. what a hassle!

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    1. Such a hassle indeed. We decided we will move to a house near downtown soon. So, I’m looking forward to more outdoor activities. We live in a very quiet neighborhood, I seldom see people outside.


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