TrvlTog [6]: Drive to California

Hello! Happy Friday All! Today would be the first day of sharing photos of our road trip last week. Bear with me as I am still editing most of the photos.

This was the first leg of our trip, the first 10 hours. Our destination was to stop in San Francisco for the night. Our reservation was at Hilton Garden Inn, Emeryville, CA. The husband drove about 627 miles via I-5S.

We only stopped for rest room breaks, gas and lunch so most photos were taken while the husband was driving about 65-70 mph. Imagine how many tries that would make me to get a good one. Hehe. But it was all worth it, I had fun plus I had some good shots.

Here are a few of my favorites.








Our lunch stop was at NoHo’s Hawaiian Cafe in Medford, Oregon.

Outfit: Top from Fred Meyers, Jeans from Penshoppe, Sneakers from Payless.

It was definitely very hot but the husband wanted to take a photo of me in the middle of quiet Medford area. This was after we had lunch at NoHo’s. Lol.

I was blogging real time too, so here’s the post when we entered California.




Next upload would be our short San Francisco tour, watch out for it! 😉


Much ❤ ,


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