GIVEAWAY. Ideas, anyone?

Happy Saturday! It’s the last weekend before I enter myself back to the corporate world. For sure my life will soon be busier than the past 6 months. Actually, I’m looking forward to this. I just wish I’ll have weekends off! Who doesn’t love weekends, right?

Since it’s Saturday and I know many of us awesome bloggers are online to read, explore and connect with other bloggers. I’m going to get some ideas from you. As they say, two heads are always better than one. It’s very simple, just answer this question.

If you were to win a simple thing, what would you want to have?

It is important for me to know what you would want to have as a thank you token from guenbt. With all the love and support, this blog has reached a tremendous success. Many followers, met new awesome blog friends plus more years of connecting to people.

I’m actually planning of running a thank you giveaway based on my blog’s theme ~ wife, wanderer, blogger and beginner knitter. Below shows more of what each of those 4 words mean.

Wife. Life in general, fashion, beauty
Wanderer. Travel, souvenir
Blogger. Very self explanatory! Hehe.
Beginner Knitter. Crafts, DIY, yarn projects

Very simple and easy, right? I’ve already started the wanderer piece. If you have not entered, go here. And for the rest, I would love great ideas. I wanted to buy something that you would really love to have.

So are you ready to share? It could be anything simple. For example, these are only what I have in mind in general, if you could give a good brand that would be awesome. My ideas are very limited.

Wife: Accessories, makeup, hair/skin care.
Blogger: planner, pen.
Beginner Knitter: yarns, needles, handmade project.

What else do you think? You can comment below or message me on facebook, Twitter, Instagram or shoot me an email at

Don’t forget to subscribe to guenbt via email too, so you will be updated on what’s happening!

Thank you and looking forward to hearing all your great ideas.



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