Work In Progress; Yarn Monday

Last weekend's knitting time was awesome! Got the chance to work on 3 different projects. It may take me some time to finish 2 out of 3. But I am positive to the one that might only take a week or so. Haha! All these projects are using the same type of yarn, a worsted [...]


Golden Valley Brewery & Pub

It's been a while since our last "sundate". We went to a new place for dinner this time and since we were hungry early, we went there around 3pm. The husband had a Pulled Pork Sandwich with Fries. And I had Carlton Farmers Baby Back Ribs with Garlic Fries and Coleslaw.   I tried husband's [...]

A Windy Day & Keeping Fitbit Busy

The husband and I decided to go to The Streets to see if we can shop for more work clothes. Lately, I have been buying work clothes from H&M and Forever 21 and the hubs wanted me to try and check other shops. It is so difficult to order clothes online, I don't always get the correct size. [...]

The Wife with a Red Shoes

Hello beautiful people!!! How's your morning so far? Happy Thursday!!! Grab some cookies and coffee then let's read some blog posts together! 😉 Fall is coming to town, I can feel it. The weather is getting cooler in the morning and at night. The leaves are also starting to change from green to gold and red. [...]

Planner Update In The Train

Earlier today on my way home, or should I say yesterday? Hmmm... Technically it is already Wednesday morning but I haven't slept yet so I guess I'll stick with "earlier", it is still my Tuesday night anyway. 😉 Hehe. Before I close my eyes tonight for a goodnight sleep, wanted to share what I was [...]

A Cast On & A Finished Object

I'm so excited to share my very well made cowl scarf. The pattern is free from tricksy knitter and the sport weight yarn I got from For Yarn's Sake yarn shop were pretty neat and very soft. It was a bit expensive though but it's so worth it. 🙂 Without further ado, here's the graphite botanical [...]

Down to 3 More Rows

Hello! Hello! It's weekend once again. More time for my knitting addiction. 😉 I am so close to finishing my botanical cowl scarf. I knitted the last few rows of the pattern last night and now I only need 3 more rows of the border then will be binding it off later today. Exciting!!! Looking [...]

Very Business Casual Wednesday

I did dress up a little fancier last Wednesday. The outfit of the day was very "business-ish". Another made up word, I could just probably say business-like but the first one sounds more like me. Hehe.  🙂 Wore dress pants from Forever 21, a silky feel vertical stripes top from H&M and a suede pointed [...]

SO SO Tuesday OOTD

Yesterday was a so so day. Took advantage of my jeans day pass because I didn't feel like dressing business casual. So a shirt, jeans and denim flats for my Tuesday OOTD. No effort at all. Plus I was wearing my glasses at work yesterday to prevent a grumpy mood because of headache. Hehe. Prevention [...]