Work Week 3: OOTD


I so love my forever 21 pearl ring.

It was the last week of training!!!! Excited for next week! Simple and easy office job, bring it on! Looking forward to reaching my personal career goal in the next 4 to 6 months. 😉 Wish me luck!!! 😉

It’s funny that sometimes when I login to my new work computer I accidentally typed in my previous work username. Hahaha. I guess I’ll never ever forget the e05754 username. I used this login for more than 10 years of my work life in PH. Lol. 😀

Anyway, here’s a week of business casual OOTD. Missed Wednesday and I can’t remember why. I thought I had a photo but when I was browsing today, there’s none. As in zero. Well, there’s always next week!



OOTDButton Down Shirt and Black Skinny Pants from H&M, Ballet Shoes from SM Cebu



OOTDCardigan & Tights from H&M, Dress from SM Cebu, Boots from Payless



OOTDTop & Jeggings from H&M, Shoes from Target



Jeans Day Friday!

Top from Fred Meyer, Jeans from Levis, Shoes from Payless, Backpack from Adidas


I like summer except when the temperature reaches triple digits because when it is so hot, trains run slow and it takes forever to get home from work.

Every day is a fashion show, and the world is your runway.

Happy Weekend All!



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