For Yarn’s Sake

The joy of a knitter!  🙂 

I did my yarn shopping last Saturday and it was awesome. I was overwhelmed of all the yarns on display at the shop. I told my husband that I would like to have a craft room full of yarns with a nice couch when we move to a house next year. Haha! Addict mode is on. The yarns were lovely, I like all of the soft and smooth type yarns. If only I could buy all of them at once.

For Yarn's Sake
More Yarns, please!
For Yarn's Sake
The shop!

More photos of me at the shop. I couldn’t help it.

For Yarn's Sake
Different kind of yarns at the back.
For Yarn's Sake
Knitting tools at the right section!
For Yarn's Sake
Crafts bag on my side.

I decided to support local yarn shops here in Oregon. This is the first shop I visited and bought two hanks of Swans Island sport weight yarn in graphite. The lady was really nice and accommodating plus she winded the yarns I bought, epic customer service! 🙂

For Yarn's Sake
Graphite – Sport weight yarn!
For Yarn's Sake
Photography on the side. 😉

For Yarn's Sake

I so love the color and the softness of the this yarn. Currently, making a cowl scarf. Hopefully these 2 hanks are enough. 😉


Thank you For Yarn’s Sake!!!



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