Blog Inspirations + A Giveaway

Happy Saturday!!! Today I will share 3 of my favorite bloggers and why I love their blog.

I read tons of blogs everyday and I always hit subscribe, like or comment to support them or give them the encouragement to do more of what they love to do. I also like the idea of connecting with other people, get to know a little portion of their life and share amazing ideas to make this world a better place. 😉 Fun, right?

Here they are:

Grace and Ivy


Grace is such a talented artist and I so love her beautiful artwork. Check them out here.

Truth and Cake


Rian is a very good writer, every posts on her blog is a reflection of life.

Le Zoe Musings


I adore Kelly’s talent on home decor and fashion. You will enjoy the beautiful photos on her blog too.

Everyone’s journey is not always a bed of roses but reading other people’s experiences can help others realize that hope, love and joy are just around the corner. It’s just a matter of perspective – LIVE. LOVE. LAUGH. 😉

Hope you enjoyed the 3 blogs I featured above!


Now, it’s giveaway time. Since this is a blog themed one, I will giveaway a journal and sharpie pens. I love sharpie pens!!! Hahaha. You can use these for whatever you like —  blog post ideas, fashion ideas, crafting ideas or anything that suits your mood. You will be the boss. So don’t forget to enter and share! 🙂


The Prize: 

Flourish Journal – A 70 page dot grid interior excellent for writing, sketching, lettering and playing. Designed by Monica Lee. {photo from google images}
Will giveaway 2 pens and colors may vary. {photo from google images}


How to Enter: 

Blogger Themed Giveaway


Just log in with any of the accounts listed above. This ends Sept 4th so don’t miss out! The winner will be announced on my Facebook page, HERE. Also, must be 18 yrs+ and only U.S. readers please.



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