Monday to Friday Office Style

A week worth of office style! 😉 Summer means one to two layers of clothing only. 😀 Okay, okay, sometimes three when it gets a little cooler. Haha.

Last week’s weather was nice. It was not too hot and it was not too cold. So I was dressed lightly.


Checkered Monday + Burgundy Flats

office style
while waiting for my bus.

Monday OOTD

Monday OOTD

Details: Forever 21 Oversized Button Shirt, H&M Skinny Pants, Forever 21 Ballet Flats


Floral Tuesday

Tuesday OOTD

Tuesday OOTD
accessories: Forever 21 Duo Ring

office style

Details: Arteshop Navy Blue Button Down Shirt and Floral Leggings, SM Flat Shoes


Stripey Suedey Wednesday

Wednesday OOTD
accessories: Forever 21 Duo Ring, pearl earrings

office style

Details: Arteshop Stripe Dress, H&M Knitted Cardigan, Forever 21 Black Suede Flats


Red n Black Thursday

Thursday OOTD
accessories: Marrin Costello necklace, Forever 21 Bracelet, silver earrings

office style

Details: H&M Stripe Longsleeves, Penshoppe Jeans, Forever 21 Ballet Flats


Friday Relax Day

Friday OOTD

Details: Curfew T-shirt, Lee Jeans, Nike Rubber Shoes


Which one is your favorite?


And my everyday accessories — my backpack and Fitbit. Backpack for my coat in case it gets cold. And Fitbit as my fitness tracker. I have less than 5 pounds to go to reach my weight goal. I’m not on a diet, I’m trying very hard to gain a little more weight. 🙂

Have an awesome Sunday ahead of you!!!



Arteshop was my online store back home. And dont forget to enter on my recent giveaway


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