Down to 3 More Rows

Hello! Hello! It’s weekend once again. More time for my knitting addiction. 😉 I am so close to finishing my botanical cowl scarf. I knitted the last few rows of the pattern last night and now I only need 3 more rows of the border then will be binding it off later today. Exciting!!!

Looking good? LOL!!! 😉

cowl scarf - 3 rows left
Down to 3 more rows!

The husband was so curious about the size of this cowl scarf. He said it looks like a collar than a scarf. Haha. I think showing him the finished project would be best than explaining how knitting works. 😉

swans island
Swans Island yarns are lovely. I am satisfied.
cowl scarf
Very close to an end!

Last night when the husband and I were chilling at the living room. He was reading a book while I was knitting and watching NCIS on Netflix.

love hangouts
We so love Friday night at home. Despite our busy schedule, we always have some silly nights together where we always laugh about some things. LOL!


Can’t wait to cast on a new project tonight. Follow me on Instagram or subscribe to my blog to see what’s the latest.

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By the way, here’s the pattern for this cowl scarf. Enjoy the weekend!



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