Work In Progress; Yarn Monday

Last weekend’s knitting time was awesome! Got the chance to work on 3 different projects. It may take me some time to finish 2 out of 3. But I am positive to the one that might only take a week or so. Haha!

All these projects are using the same type of yarn, a worsted weight one. So the needles and/or cables required for my projects are of similar sizes/length. 🙂 Lucky that I have one in multiple kind.

I’ll introduce you to them now! 😉

Used my US size 8 straight needles in this choco ombre yarn. This was the first needle I got when I decided to learn how to knit. They looked so old because I was very stiff when I was learning the knit stitch and purl stitch for the first time. Haha. Memories! See the tip of the needle, color change from gold to silver.


Wooden circular knitting needles for this light blue object. I think this is the one I will finish in a week or so.


I am actually using a smaller size needle (US size 7) for this project but this is the smallest cable length that I have that is available. My smallest knitter’s pride cable is being used below.

This 3rd choco object is using my Knitter’s Pride circular knitting needles, US size 8. This is my most favorite needles as of the moment, it really feels good in my hands.




How about you? What have you been working on? Do you have tons of needles in the same size too? I am knitting addict and one or 2 will be never be enough, same with yarns. Haha! 🙂


Happy Monday WIPS!!! 😉



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