Work Week Styles – The First Week of Fall

Hello Lovely Friends!!! Happy Saturday! Sharing to you my work week styles last week. Remember, you can always look fashionable without breaking your bank account. 😉 How? I always look out for good deals when I shop. And sometimes I get so lucky to get super extra-extra savings. Online shopping is awesome.




T-shirt and blazer never fails to make you look business casual-ish when needed. This one above felt so comfortable in every way. Plus, I got my casual tee for $5, black skinny pants for $19 and the navy blue denim blazer for $25. All three of them from H&M. The black suede boots, was from Payless Philippines and I think I got it for free. If I remember it right, it was a new release and they had like a promo of buy 2 shoes and get the boots free. I guess not totally free. Huh?! Hahaha. The 3 layer necklace was from Forever 21 for $9 and my backpack was from Sherpani.




Long sleeves and knitted sweater combos are one of my favorite looks! And this was my first knitted sweater that is not in plain stockinette stitch. Got this one for $12 from H&M. The light blue cotton long sleeves and the jeggings are from H&M too for $7 and $9 respectively. They were on summer sale I believe. Good deal huh!? 😉 The necklace, I won it from one of the giveaways I joined last Mother’s Day. The boots and the fitbit tracker were gifts from the husband. The Sherpani backpack was one of my recent purchases and currently my fave so you will probably see it in most of my work #ootd posts.




First day of Fall marks the addition of scarves in everyday style. I got this one above from Terranove Philippines, can’t remember how much was it, maybe $10. The black blazer and red doll shoes were on sale for $15 and $10 respectively, both from Forever 21. Isn’t that awesome? Got the grey long sleeves from H&M and pants from Levi’s. Wearing the red shoes was the husband’s idea. He said it’s nice to have a little pop of color in my outfit. 🙂 Yay!




Basic and neutral colors are lovely! Black, white, beige and dark brown #ootd above was super liked! The sweater was from H&M for $15 each I believe and I always get 2 every time I shop so I can get a discount — 2 for $20. 🙂 By the way, the scarf was one of my early craft projects. I made it myself a few months back, a crocheted cowl scarf.



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I love stripes! 😀 Got this one from H&M for $6 and light grey sweater for 2 for $20. Jeans is an old one, I think it’s 5 years old – such a long time ago, got it from Penshoppe Philippines. And the boots I recently bought them from Amazon. They were pretty neat, is comfy and keeps my legs warm. 😉


Based on experience, you don’t need hundreds of dollars to look fabulous. 😉 Know where to shop and buy things that would make you feel comfortable. OOTD is not about pleasing someone elses but yourself.


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