Fall-ish Photoshoot with the Husband

Another day of silly photos with the husband. Hahaha!

This was when we were getting coffee last Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day; bright-sunny with cool air. Loved it! It was nice plus the trees during fall are just lovely.

The husband asked me if I wanted to go with him to Starbucks and have a photo shoot on the way. Of course, I said yes. Who would say no to that, right? 😀 LOL #ootd #fashionista


At Waterhouse Park + OOTD Details

Fall-sih Photoshoot
H&M Navy Blue Button Down Sweater – 2 for $20; White Under Shirt – 2 for $10.
Waterhouse Park
Denim Flat Shoes from Target – $10; H&M Tweed Tan Pants – $17

Fall-ish Photoshoot




I always love our walk together, the husband always makes me laugh. Like so hard, I am very lucky I would say.


Have a beautiful day today!!! 😉



Join the #guenbtFunFall link up! Start your fall-ish photoshoot. 😀

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