Button Down & Tee Shirt Week #guenbtFunFall

A week of casual work attire + another week next week! Hooray! We were rewarded 2 weeks of jeans day at work after pledging donations to our charity of choice.

No matter how little you can give, it will go a long way for the people in need.  

Style of the week — button down shirt / tee shirt with scarf on or jacket, then jeans. Boots or denim for shoes.











I’m using a new phone camera right now and I’m still not very used to it. So some photos may seem off and awkward. Hehe. I dropped my phone face down last week thus the new phone. I’ll get the hang of this soon and will capture better photos.

Never forget to give back to our community and share our blessings to those in need.

Happy Saturday!!!



Button down shirts are my recent faves now, I have like tons of them in my closet. 🙂 I love them with scarf on or with knitted sweater. Participate in my blogs #guenbtFunFall, will host a giveaway on November for all participants. 😉 

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