Expat’s Simple Joys: Food Cravings, Dried Squids

There are days when I crave for Filipino food. Some days are manageable, I can get some substitutes. But there are days where I couldn’t ignore it and no substitute can every satisfy my taste buds. hashtagtruestory

Yesterday, I was extremely craving for spicy lechon belly (roasted pig) and puso (hanging rice). And I wanted to have it for dinner. Since I couldn’t find any place where I can get as good as the one we have in PH, the husband suggested to buy the alternative, the roasted pig from Uwajimaya, an Asian Market in Beaverton. We did go there last night but we were too late. The supermarket was open but the food section was already close, hashtagshattereddreams. 😦

Since the supermarket was still open, we decided to shop for some Asian food items, consolation prize for the night. At first I was looking for chicharron but they didn’t have what I was looking for, another hashtagshattereddreams. But just before we finished shopping, I accidentally saw dried squids in one of their shelves. Wohooo! A blessing! I didn’t hesitate, immediately grabbed one pack. I guess last night wasn’t bad after all.

Fast forward to today, my dinner was one of those Filipino-like days. I prepared my dried squid, luckily it didn’t smell that bad, the husband didn’t complain. LOL! Then paired it with steamed rice and to make it more homey, I was eating by hand! 😉 Epic!!!

dried squid
Uncooked dried squids.
When it was ready to eat.
When it was ready to eat.


At last cravings satisfied! My healthy tummy’s happy. As an expat, have you ever experience anything like it? What do you miss most from being away from your home country? For me, mostly the food. 😀

Have a good night!


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