Monday WIPs: Striped Scarf # 3, The Red Scarf Project

HAPPY MONDAY!!! How did your weekend go? Mine was incredibly awesome and I will share my stories in the next coming days. Today will be about my red scarves project. If you missed last Monday’s post, go here.

Still working on my scarf # 2, I’m so close to finishing it. I ran out of yarn last night but already got an extra ball so I will continue knitting as soon as I get home later. I will not be knitting during my commute today, work hours have changed. Starting today, I need to leave the house an hour and a half early. I am still sleepy!

Anyway, last night’s status…

red scarf
Red Scarf #2! Almost finished, getting very close to binding this one off. I may need to use 25% or less from the second ball.

Red Scarf # 3

Started this one over the weekend. It’s a simple knit pattern project (garter stitch), but it’s my first time to knit in stripes so I decided to make it simple. My focus is to knit in stripes. 🙂 And I’m glad that I learned something new in my crafty world, combining 2 yarn colors in one project. Yay! Thanks to Youtube. 😉

I used a Red Heart Soft for the red yarn and Lion Brand for the cream wool yarn.




How’s my work? Seems pretty neat at the side, right? Hahaha. Wish me luck!!! 😀

On a side note, I’m pretty excited to go to work today too. New department, new tasks and will start training today. ❤ 


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