Thanksgiving Day + Black Friday Shopping

Happy Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday All!!! How was your Thanksgiving Day? Have you done all your Black Friday shopping? I bet you enjoyed all the different deals from all the shops in the mall or online. There's still Cyber Monday so hang in there! 🙂 The husband shopped some winter socks this morning for [...]


OOTD + Bath & Body Works Giftcard #guenbtFunFall

Hello amazing readers! How's your weekend so far? Mine is a bit hazy, I'm having colds, so not very fun. 😦 Anyhow, I'm excited to show you my OOTD from last week and not only that there's a giftcard giveaway at the end of this post, so be sure to read all the way! 🙂 [...]

Dusk Was Falling Rapidly

Hello lovely readers! I have some photos to share. Took these photos last week while waiting for my bus home. It stopped raining in the afternoon that day so taking photos was incredibly the greatest idea. Plus, I was also testing the camera of my new smartphone. Seems pretty nice in low light scene, I'm impressed and satisfied. [...]

Sidewalk, Street, Trees & Fall

Before FALL finally disappears, sharing some beautiful photos of the sidewalk and trees along our apartment complex. We were on our way back from the grocery store and it was actually a beautiful cold day, not freezing cold. So it was nice. 🙂 I so love these amazing Fall colors! FALL-Y DAY Yay to Fall! [...]

Monday WIPs, Striped Red Scarf # 3

Good morning lovely people! Happy Monday! 🙂 Just a quick update on my crafty world, I am close to finishing Red Scarf #3. This is the first striped red scarf I've ever made. I will be able to send these red scarves by end of month to Foster Care to Success! Yay! Red Scarf # [...]

#guenbtFunFall – Two Weeks of OOTD

Hello dear friends! How have you been? I've been out all week last week. I've been busy plus not extremely at my best. I needed some time to rest so I did. Anyway, I'm back and will share my two weeks worth of OOTD. 😉 Fun! *Click on image to see more of #guenbtFunFall OOTD [...]

Foggy Friday Morning

While I was waiting for my bus earlier. I can't believe how foggy it was, can't even see the end of the road from where I was standing. And it was so cold too. Gosh! Winter is really coming soon. Happy Friday beautiful people and stay warm. // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Halloween 2015 – Star Trek

The husband was awesome! Our fun pictorial of his Halloween 2015 costume. He's so ready to fly in space. 😀 Star Trek   Next year, I'll surely join the husband with this Halloween dress up! 😉 // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

Merlo Rd / SW 158th Max Station Turnaround

This happens when waiting for the bus/train gets incredibly boring. Instead of getting irritated or upset about it, I use my time to either play a game or take photos. Most of the time I take photos and I think you already know that. It's much better than being stressed about things I don't have [...]