PF Chang’s at The Streets of Tanasbourne

Hello dear readers! Our first date night for the month of December. This was almost 2 weeks ago. Such a very late post. My bad! I will not make any excuses instead I’ll say I’ll do better today, tomorrow and in the next coming days.

2 weeks ago…

The husband and I needed to check some winter coats at Macy’s. We were looking to find a coat that we can use for their holiday party. Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything that’s worth our money. And since we don’t have time to make food at home, we decided to have dinner at PF Chang’s.

PF Chang’s at The Streets of Tanasbourne

I love the ambiance.


I liked the lights and the wall decor in front.



I had chicken satay, the chicken itself didn’t have a flavor. The peanut sauce was okay but not the greatest. I have tried chicken satay at E-san Thai and I like theirs better than this one.


The husband had dumplings and sake.

Main Entrée


This was the husband’s, he ordered Chang’s Spicy Chicken. And all he can say was NOT SPICY at all.


I ordered Kung Pao Shrimp, was also expecting it to be spicy. Looking at it seems like it’s extremely spicy, there were so many chili in it. But to my dismay, it wasn’t spicy at all.

Don’t get us wrong, the main course was tasty but there was a reason why we ordered spicy food. We both love anything spicy and we got was not spicy at all. Looks can be deceiving, especially my food. We weren’t very satisfied when we left the restaurant. I guess next time we should ask how spicy is spicy.

Have you been to PF Chang’s? How was your experience.

Also, it was our first time there, so maybe that was just one of those not so great days! 🙂


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