Fashion – Fall OOTD: #guenbtFunFall


Good morning lovely readers! In about a week or so Fall will finally be over and sadly so as my hashtag guenbtFunFall OOTD posts. I haven’t thought of anything for winter yet, we’ll see.

Second to the last week of Fall OOTD!


MONDAY Details: Indigo Sweater in Navy Blue for $15, similar here – H&M Stretchy Skinny Pants in Black for $19, buy it here – Kamik Rain Boots in Black for $40, buy it here – Knitted Knee High Socks for $15, bought this one from Fred Meyers.


TUESDAY Details: H&M Buttoned Down Sweater in Navy Blue for $15, buy it here – Thrift Dress from the Philippines in White and Navy Blue for $5 – Tights in Navy Blue for $18, got this from Macy’s – Tall Boots in Brown, similar here.


WEDNESDAY Details: Skinny Pants in Black like the one above, I actually have 4 of them 🙂 – H&M Button Down Shirt in Denim Blue for $25, similar here – Old Navy Sweater in Cream for $35, similar here – Combat Boots in Gray Black, similar here.

Some of the link items are not the exact ones. Why? It’s either I bought them at the store or on clearance online and it’s no longer available. I can’t remember some of the deals as well. 🙂

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THURSDAY Details: Skinny Jeans in Black – Tshirt in Red from Fred Meyers for $10 – H&M Button Down Sweater in Black, same as the navy blue one above – Not Rated Tall Boots in Charcoal, buy it here.

Many of my office mates love the Not Rated Tall Boots, I get a lot of compliments every time I wear it at work. 🙂

Last Friday was such a busy day, I realized later that night that I didn’t have a photo. I was so pre-occupied to finish all the things that I needed to finish before my long birthday weekend. If you missed my birthday post yesterday, go here.

One more week for #guenbtFunFall OOTD. See you next week for the Finale! 😉

Happy Wednesday!!!


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