Food Truck in PDX: E-San Thai Cuisine

food truck

The nearest food truck at work!!! They serve Thai food here. I come here often and I always order their chicken satay. I love their peanut sauce a lot! 😉 Hehehe. Why? It’s not sticky and not very watery. It has the right thickness, I would say. I’m not sure that’s the right term, I will just assume that you know what I mean. Also every time I order steamed white rice, they always give it to me for free. Except for that one time though, where the owner wasn’t the one getting orders. But it only happened once. So still double YAY for good food and free rice. 🙂


Their flavorful chicken satay for only $6, 4 sticks of chicken. And the steamed white rice is perfect, not the cheap dry white rice! I so love good rice. 🙂


They also give you 2 different sauces, the peanut sauce – the brown one above and the sweet and sour sauce – the red orange one right on top of the peanut sauce. I also get additional chili sauce because I love it when it’s spicy. This is my perfect to go lunch if I want to spend more than a dollar. Perfect for a starving tummy.

E-San Food Truck


You can order ahead of time as well and when you arrive at their location, your order is ready for grab, so easy when you are in a hurry. But I haven’t done that as their location is just a few minutes walk from our office building and the wait time for the food to be ready is not really as bad.


Check out their menu here. 😀


There are so many food trucks in Downtown Portland. I have tried 808 and others. If I get the chance to hangout in one of them in the future I will share them here or on Instagram, so follow me there too. 😉


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