Trvltog [7.1]: Our Short Christmas Vacay in Michigan

After the holidays I am so ready to get back to blogging but I have one more 2015 life event post then I will be ready for 2016! 🙂


Our short Christmas vacation in Michigan.

Let’s start…

The 24th of December

Our first day, we drove from the airport to second mom-in-law’s house in Lake Orion but we had multiple stops and drive thrus. Stopped by at Leo’s Coney Island for breakfast, we were starving. We arrived early in the morning, around 6am. Then we drove by to the house where the husband spent his growing up years.


And while the husband was driving, he was also telling stories about his teenage years. We did pass by where he and his sister Emily went to school.

We arrived at second mom-in-law’s beautiful house around noon. It was my first time in Michigan and it was my first time to meet her. I was welcomed warmly and I felt very loved.

Then we went to Rochester Hills for dinner the same day. I so love the Christmas lights!!! 😀


Christmas Day

Breakfast coffee mugs and chocolates, our first present of the day.


The husband putting on my new silver necklace with my initial, G.


Also got these lovely Juicy Couture Cosmetic Cases.


I actually got so many presents from the second mom-in-law. I was so spoiled last Christmas, like very spoiled. I was literally overwhelmed with love. I didn’t have photos of all the presents but I here’s the list — a navy blue pair of boots, a dress, a scarf, Adele’s new album, a Brighton bracelet and a plaid top. And we also got a new luggage to bring all these things back to Portland. 🙂 Thanks second mom-in-law for everything. Hope you can visit us in Oregon soon. 

We ended the night with Star Wars movie and dinner at home. 😉

Our Last Day

Met with the husband’s high school friend Scott and his wife Monica. We went to Bagger Daves in Brighton, Michigan for late lunch.


Some view around Brighton area…



Stopped by at a pharmacy and saw this… photo op! 😉 Outfit details will be shared below the photo.

OOTD Details: Kenneth Cole Winter Coat, Wallflower Jeggings, Forever 21 Tote Bag, Old Navy Cream Sweater, Cobb Hill Red Boots & Decky Jeep Cap

And then we ended our day at Detroit airport, visit my real time post here.

One Last Thing…

My most favorite part of the trip was meeting second mom-in-law’s two lovely girls, Chloe and Eden. I so much enjoyed their company though Eden scared me the first day. She was too big. Hehehe. But we got along fine after a few hours.


Play time…



That wraps up this post and our 2015. I will share more photos of Chloe and Eden on Instagram, follow me there! 🙂


How about you, how did you celebrate Christmas? Do share!


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