Chorizo de Cebu in America

Who would have thought I will have Chorizo de Cebu in America? 😀

chorizo de cebu

A loud “YAY!!!!” and a little JUMP WITH JOY on the train when I found out about this chorizo in America. Hahaha. That’s how excited I was.

Just so you know, every time I visit the grocery store, I’m always hoping to find a pack of chorizo. Pinoy food cravings at maximum level. LOL!


Thanks to Facebook, really! One of my friends posted a “droolicious” chorizo with rice on her timeline and it so happened that I was browsing through my newsfeed. I was checking what my friends were up to that time. Perfect timing, indeed!

When I first saw her post, I was like, “OH MY GOSH!”. Add round big eyes reaction with a smile on my face with that thought. Hahaha. Then I asked where she got it.


Fast forward to ordering it, the seller is a Filipino living in California. I ordered 2 packs, 1 pack of the original chorizo and 1 pack of the spicy one.

When I got the package last Wednesday, I immediately cooked 1 pack for dinner. See how delicious these looks. 😉 YUM!


I still can’t believe I had chorizo in America. “Kalami!” as how we say delicious in our language.

For those of you craving for chorizo like me; order it from my new friend on Facebook, here for her profile.



Happy Eating!!!


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