Bloody Awful Monday

Monday! Swamped is an understatement. I’m still alive but I’m exhausted. Work has been crazy busy today. One of the many reasons why I hate most Mondays.

But there are 4 things I am so thankful for TODAY—



The one person who is always there to listen to me. And the one who always respond to my overly complaining messages. Lol. Makes me laugh when my mind is about to explode. Literally!

Good Food

Thai food for lunch, a much needed break. Being away for 30 minutes from my desk is one of the best 30 minutes of my day especially in days like today. I was drowning!

Fine Weather

The sun was out and the weather was nice. A short walk and a little sun, kind of turned my day a little better.

Great Friends

Regardless of the challenges I encountered today, a good laugh with my desk friends are priceless. We whine, we eat and we laugh just about anything at work which scares away bad omen. 😉


Happy Monday All! And hopefully I will have a better day tomorrow. Good night! 




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