Snow & Light

  Main Street, Rochester, Michigan


Metric 2013

I had a chance to see a band I really like play a show at the Roseland Theatre in downtown Portland. Metric is a Canadian band I first heard 10 years ago. Since then, I've been to see them many times, and though there are always new faces in the crowd, I still receive transmission [...]

Photos for Guen

Sharing glimpses of our everyday.

1 Day…

...there won't be anymore countdowns. See you soon, love.

12 Days

Because we should never let a day get away from us.

23 Days

Even when the lines are down the connection remains.

29 Days

29 day until railways and airways, terminals and tarmacs. 29 days until approach and anticipation, a long day of travel, and a return to that feeling of together.

PDX – Portland, Oregon and the Changing Seasons

The change has come to PDX.  After months of dry days and sunshine, the rain and clouds have returned.  It will rain now, almost everyday for many months.  That is how it is in Portland, Oregon. Autumn leaves are here, colors everywhere.  One of my favorite times in the year.  So, my robot self took [...]